Sports Digitization:

How to boost the DNA of a champion

How has the FPF enhanced and its results through technology?

The Portuguese Football Federation looked beyond numbers and results and sought to introduce a culture of digitalization, whose fundamental pillars were based on people. In this challenge, it was essential to stop being a "paper based" organization and to position itself as "data driven".


ARMIS Digital Sport has embraced the challenge and implemented Proscore in FPF, a product aimed at integrated sports management and with a bespoke system that includes all the management of sport, from the time of registration of the athlete, through the management of competitions, credentials, ticketing, to the administration of arbitration, discipline, performance of athletes, among others.


“Proscore is the backbone of the strategic objectives of the Portuguese Football Federation" - Hugo Freitas, CTO of the Portuguese Football Federation.

Main benefits

More than facilitating internal processes, Proscore brought a better user experience

Complete reports generated within 24 hours
Over 100.000 games played and managed
Over 40,000 km saved by clubs


Meet a solution that revolutionizes the sports industry.